Great Harmony

Dr. Yutang Lin

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Sent: Saturday, December 23, 2011 2:15 PM   
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Disciple 藥恩 sent in the question below and my reply is given below.

His email reminds me that this work and
should be added as the last appendix to the Chinese and the English book on Chod, b0036 and b0075, respectively.

Tong Tou, add them, and also add it into that part in the Da Yuan Rong book.

May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!


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Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 11:57 AM
Subject: Addition to Great Harmony

To my ebook B0093 Da Yuan Rong, F1862 is added as the last article. Correspondingly, to B0094 Great Harmony poem1409 is added as the last article.

The files are attached for your conveniences.

Detong, update the two ebooks as posted on-line.

By the way, recently the Chinese books and English books are all formatted by disciple Tong Tou.

May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!


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From: Yutang Lin
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 5:24 PM
To: Dharma Friends
Subject: Books on Great Harmony

Today I compiled my works on Great Harmony and related works on Harmony into a Chinese book and its English version.
They are B093 大圓融 and B094 Great Harmony. The tables of contents are given below and also in the attached file for your conveniences.

F1176 大圓融 P1009 Great Harmony
F1178 大圓融行 P1011 Great Harmony Activities
These are placed at the beginning of the books to explain what I mean by "Great Harmony."

The rest are simply arranged in chronological order.
Also, note that in the books B036 無限一體之施身法 and B075 Chod in Limitless-Oneness, two poems that are relevant are included there.

May these two books on Great Harmony help many practitioners to attain enlightenment in this life!

B093 大圓融

F1176 大圓融
F1178 大圓融行
F0017 圓融八次第
F0037 無限的六度
F0042 心經與大悲心要會通
F0105 圓融流通
F0306 圓融無礙
F0612 智悲圓融—簡介〈大悲波羅蜜多心要〉(略去該處附錄)
F0675 圓融高下
F0931 圓融十二乘
F1107 一多圓融
F1254 大圓融六成就法
F1399 圓融五毒
F1430 大圓融定
F1433 大圓融心旨
F1435 〈大圓融心旨〉之說明
F1562 圓融
B090 圓融四無量心
F0031 住無量心
F0404 圓融無量
F0446 圓融四無量心之修法
F0638 圓融四無量心
F1046 圓融四無量心之觀法
F1558 圓轉四無量心
B036 無限一體之施身法
F0406 媽幾祖師讚
F0411 施我法

B094 Great Harmony

P1009 Great Harmony
P1011 Great Harmony Activities
P0017 Unifying the Eight Stages at this Instant
B072 The Sixfold Sublimation in Limitless-Oneness
B073 Wisdom and Compassion in Limitless-Oneness
P0033 Circulation in Harmony
P0217 All-round beyond Blockage
P0547 Unification of High and Low
E0056 Unification of the Twelve Yanas
P0948 Unification of One and All
E0108 Six Yogas in Great Harmony
P1150 Five Poisons Harmonized
E0122 Great Harmony Samadhi
E0123 Heart Essence of Great Harmony
P1261 Harmonious Unification
B091 Unification of Four Boundless Minds
E0010 Abiding in the Boundless Mind
E0034 Unification of Four Boundless Minds
P0310 Boundless Harmony
P0889 Visualization for the Unification of Four Boundless Minds
E0129 Cycling the Four Boundless Minds
B075 Chod in Limitless-Oneness
P0312 Praise to Ma Machig
P0317 Giving Self up


January 23, 2008
El Cerrito, California

My Bodhicitta Vows
(Used for Dedication of Merits)

1. May virtuous gurus remain with us and those departed return soon!
2. May perverse views and violence soon become extinct and Dharma spread without hindrance!
3. May all beings proceed diligently on the path and achieve Buddhahood before death!
4. May all beings develop Great Compassion and never regress until they reach perfect Buddhahood!
5. May all beings develop Great Wisdom and never regress until they reach perfect Buddhahood!

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