Collection of Additional Praises

Reviewed and Revised by Dr. Yutang Lin
Edited by Disciple Mian Yan

Table of Contents
P0016 Supplication to the Trinity of Wisdom, Compassion and Might

Praise to Guru Rinpoche P1366

Buddha lights bestowed on a large lotus
To save all beings appeared there a boy

Established as prince, the country became prosperous
Through committing sinful acts to obtain renunciation

Learned in all sorts of knowledge and practiced Dharma
Lived in cemeteries, showed miraculous transformations

Tamed evil beings and cultivated Dakinis on the path
Roaming everywhere to spread teachings wide and far

Upon request entered Tibet to establish the first monastery
The root and source of Buddhist Tantra thereby established

Transmitted Tantras in Mandala to twenty-five disciples
Red-robed and white-clothed ones continued the lineages

Essential Sutras and Tantras selected to translate into Tibetan
Dharma treasures thus gathered and stored in snow country

Great Perfection teachings based on original purity of all things
Concealed in Earth, Water, Space and Mind Hidden Treasures

Rainbow body of death-free nature appeared as occasions called for
Disciples of meritorious conditions are all blessed by your compassion

Supplication to Guru Rinpoche P1151

Gracious source of Tibetan Tantra in rainbow body,
Deathless salvation through opportune appearances,
Bright light of Sunyata Pleasure grants universal blessing,
Wondrous bliss of innate purity sets the universe in spring.

Supplication to Guru Rinpoche for Round-cap Blessing P1290 

Merciful Guru Rinpoche displayed self-rising of his round cap
Asked for newspapers to teach compassion for the delinquent age
Appeared as puppy to show offering to beings amounts to offering to Guru
Benefiting all those with karmic connections, one remembers this teaching constantly
May all receive blessing from Guru Rinpoche to attain Great Perfection soon
Reverently had a round cap duplicated to seek earnestly your special favor
May whoever see or hear about this round cap be blessed as in your holy presence
That their karma dissipated and wisdom and merits grow to the boundless sphere

Praise to Patriarch Yeshe Tsogyel P1361

Worldly fames and honors had long since learned to renounce
Capable of practicing Tantra that is so sublime and profound
Able to gather and sustain all heart essences of Guru Rinpoche
Supernatural abilities displayed ever so often to convert and help
Stayed up in snow mountain caves to practice until almost dead
Carried out Tantric Love practices to harmonize joy and light
Transmitted teachings through Termas to wait for suitable vessels
Thanks to you, graceful source of Tibetan Tantras spread and remained

Supplication to Patriarch Yeshe Tsogyel P1362

In front of beloved grandma of Tantric practices
Dharma grandson is here to salute you in prostration
Our golden lineage came down to this degenerated age
Had become even thinner and scarcer than a thread
Those have fortunate connections can be counted by fingers
Alas! How many of them are capable of actual practices
Hindered by self-set limits are often the cases
Devoted and dedicated ones mostly encountered difficulties
Even though trials might have piled up like mountains
Ardent Bodhi aspiration has never wavered a bit
Simply for the sake of liberating all beings from sufferings
Dedication of this life is not worth any considerations
Only begging dear grandma for compassionate blessings
To protect and guide genuine Tantric practitioners
So that they may sooner realize union of joy and light
And thus become capable of advocating the path of Greed
Just as grandma's grace spread far and wide through ages
We will save all beings because they are as dear as our own mothers

Praise to Patriarch Mandarava P1363

Born of royal status as a princess yet enjoyed renunciation
Led five hundred maidens to practice toward original purity
Wisdom eyes capable of recognizing Guru Rinpoche's virtues
In devotion to Guru offered her body beyond worldly ways
Huge fire on large pile of firewood turned into a clear pond
The whole kingdom overwhelmed and all took refuge in Guru
In the Cave of Death Ceased practiced Tantric Love
Bone ornaments adorned her rainbow-like light body
Saved a girl from peril and led her to become a Dakini
Thus set a supreme epitome of upbringing posterity
Staying in this world and appeared as patriarch Niguma
Graceful virtues illustrative of boundless longevity

Supplication to Patriarch Mandarava P1364

Early in life realized vanity of worldly glories and renounced it to practice Dharma;
Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, lead us onto the enlightenment path!

Wise mind capable of comprehended the original purity of the Path of Greed;
Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, open our eyes to recognize the Dharma!

Supernatural powers capable of working at ease and at will under all circumstances;
Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, let all sentient beings take refuge in Guru!

Renounced all worldly ways and engaged in austere practices to attain ultimate fruits;
Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, help us to achieve full enlightenment sooner!

Liberated beings from sufferings in Samsara until they had unified joy and Blank Essence;
Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, constantly protect and guide us on the path!

The Six Doctrines of Niguma bestowed boundless and eternal blessings to all beings;
Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, grant us the Buddha fruit of deathlessness!

Praise to Patriarch Milarepa P1359

Magical powers capable of raining hailstorm
Enemies destroyed, knew to regret and repent
Karmic fruits, tried to avoid and escape from
Awareness of impermanence forced diligence
Faith in Guru allowed unbearable tortures
Clothing and food all pushed out of consideration
Lived in caves until attainment of full realizations
Transmission of teachings awaited disciples to arrive
Songs on the path passed down through ages
Dharma sons became lineage patriarchs

Supplication to Patriarch Milarepa P1360

Solid and unwaiving faith in Guru, who could compare with?
Patriarch Milarepa, bless me with solid and unwaiving faith!

Tolerated suffering and tortures, no one could have reached!
Patriarch Milarepa, bless me with patience and tolerance!

Impermanence and karmic fruits, constantly aware and in fear of!
Patriarch Milarepa, bless me with diligence born of such awareness!

Clothing and food all discarded, and lived in caves to practice Tantra!
Patriarch Milarepa, bless me with renunciation and perseverance!

Flying in sky and passing through rocks had all been realized!
Patriarch Milarepa, bless me with realizations of enlightenment!

Songs on the path and lineage followers passed down through ages!
Patriarch Milarepa, bless me with unending salvation of sentient beings!

Supplication to Patriarch Machig Labdron P1182

Harmonized Wisdom and Compassion in their union, the Great Mother Buddha,
Taught renunciation of grasping to bodies through offering to attain Dharmakaya,
Bless me to have the resolution to cut through and extinguish my grasping to self,
So that salvation of all beings as a totality will reach no bounds in time and space.

Supplication to Guru Yogi Chen P0009

O! Original purity appearing as Manjusri,
Through your boundless compassion
Bless us with achievements in meditation!
Help us realize in Limitless-Oneness
The unification of wisdom and compassion!

Lineage Refuge Tree Supplication P1097

Original Purity, oh, Patriarch Guru Chen!
Vajra Lotus, oh, Guru Lin!
The Right Dharma lineage of Manjusri and Guan Yin,
Harmonized wisdom and compassion to spread everywhere!

Supplication to Guru as Father-and-Mother Vajrasattva P1170

Sentient beings, with heavy sins and ignorance, could not reflect
And repent by themselves; may I repent on their behalves!
Guru is Buddha; this I have clearly recognized,
May your compassionate blessing readily purify my karmas!
Father-and-Mother Vajrasattva in union of Wisdom and Compassion,
Drip your nectars to bath this Buddha child of your Dharma lineage!
Wash clean all karmic hindrances and nourish my body and mind
To transform this mundane body instantaneously into a rainbow one!

Praise to Vajrasattva  P1381

Amid brightness of original purity
Granting cooling moisture

Appearing in one body or in union, as need be
To purify thoroughly the stains of sins

In harmonious union of wisdom and compassion
Supreme joy carries out salvation activities

Pity for sentient beings' sinful sufferings
Let them return soon to original purity

Supplication to Vajrasattva P1238

Sins and evils fulfilled the world
Personal karma and grasping entangle
Sufferings of sentient beings are incessant

Although enlightenment path encountered
Solid practice in renunciation could hardly be realized
Buddha's offspring stagnated in deep mire

Great mercy, great compassion, and great power
Contrivances of fruitful position so wondrous
Nectars will wash away all worldly stains

Vajrasattva, master of receiving repentance
Through harmonious union of Wisdom and Compassion
Nourish Buddha's offspring back to original purity

Praise to Dakas P1147

Vajra solid and erect to enter the deep secret palace,
Wondrous innate joy attained beyond time and space.
Union of pleasure and non-self achieved in Dakinis,
And original purity of lust revealed, all through you!

Praise to Supreme Pleasure Vajra P1357

Fundamental ignorance had been thoroughly cleared
Unsurpassable union of joy and Blank Essence appeared as totality
Poison is Blank Essence, and Blank Essence is poison
Greed in itself became the path to return to original purity
Pacifying, increasing, attracting and destroying activities performed
When suitable to conversion and salvation of beings
Tranquil pleasures universally bestowed to grant realization of enlightenment
Compassion and mercy boundless, while joy never ceasing
Ocean of desires calm and peaceful as converted by the unyielding pillar

Supplication to Supreme Pleasure Vajra  P1358

The path of Greed unfathomably profound
Joy in union with Blank Essence difficult to realize
Ignorant and deluded ones everywhere fully in sight
Realized attainment ones as scarce as morning stars
Already knew to take refuge in Buddhist Tantra
Furthermore, devoted oneself to pursuit on its path
Nevertheless, measures of assured realization
Too scant and difficult to advance
In order to establish the Dharma banner
May you lower your compassion to reach us
So that we may attain oneness sooner
And provide universal salvation to all beings

Praise to Vajrapani P1202

Awesome and powerful Vajrapani
Listening to all vows pledged by Dakinis
And serving as the guardian to all in the ocean of Dakinis

Wrists and ankles adorned with dragons surrounding
Forceful manner instilling respect in Heavenly King
All Yaksas come to surround and rely on you

In perfect harmony of wisdom and compassion
Power profound and impacts emerge
Salvation activities expand wider and wider

On my sixtieth birthday you blessed the longevity ring
Granted me the adornment of dragons around my limbs
Thanks to your grace I stay in this world to protect beings

Supplication for Removal of Hindrance P1268 

Tantric practices so profound, worldly views could not embrace them
Sincere practitioners are often hindered by many karmic entanglements
Virtuous Gurus can only be attended by so few fortunate disciples
Abiding in Bodhicitta practitioners bravely face all challenging trials
All Buddhas and Protectors of the Dharma Gate of Great Compassion
Have mercy on this thread of pure Dharma lineage in this turmoil time
Soon let rays of Wisdom Sun sweep away the darkness of ignorance
Eventually help all to realize the pure essence of limitless oneness

Praise to Sakyamuni Buddha P1377

A crown price could have renounced the kingdom
     Awakened early to illusive nature of worldly glories

In prime years departed from his beloved ones
     Sought early the salvation from worldly sufferings

Through ascetic practices realized the Middle Path
     Great wisdom transcended worldly dualistic approaches

Attained full enlightenment and pacified all devil harassments
     Great compassion no longer sustained antagonism

Guiding beings according to their propensities and capabilities
     Great mercy imbued with skillful ways of guidance

Roamed around to provide enlightened guidance till end of life
     Great power rendered endless salvation to all beings

Teachings passed down from generation to generation through ages
     Graceful waves spread far and wide in the ten directions

Supplication to Sakyamuni Buddha P1378

Attained full enlightenment and transmitted golden Dharma
Endowed with endless ways of providing suitable guidance
Your compassionate grace universally spreads to all beings

World in turmoil and people are confused and worried
Evil views and violent activities prevail in abundance
Right path of Dharma could hardly become prominent

With Bodhi aspiration to save sentient beings far and wide
Yet hindrances and difficulties arose from many directions
Practicing Dharma in this world is step-by-step hindered

Compassionate vows would leave no one behind
Grant us blessings here and there, everywhere
So that the right Dharma will propagate in prosperity

Praise to the Medicine Guru Buddha P1130

Namo Medicine Guru Buddha of Lapis Lazuli Light

Great vows twelve in number, guarding and guiding all beings;
Mishaps and misfortunes fade away upon hearing thy holy name.

Pure body of lapis lazuli light, brightening the whole Dharmadhatu;
Worshipping it with offerings in reverence yields freedom from fear.

Great mantra of secret power, pacifying and eradicating all suffering;
Repeating it devoutly and constantly brings peace and harmony.

Guarding generals twelve in number, protecting the pure and faithful ones;
Offering lamps and reciting the sutra will prolong life of wisdom.

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha emits pure lights,
Spiritual nature of sentient beings in all directions are revealed!

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha enunciates clear sounds,
Sorrows of sentient beings at all times are eradicated!

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha always remembered,
Suffering of illnesses and dangers to life will all be pacified!

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha is the savior,
Calamities extinguished, life prolonged, and Bodhi attained!

Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who leaves no details untouched!
Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who comes in person to teach!
Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who has corrected my posture!
Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who empathizes so subtly!

Supplication to Medicine Guru Buddha P1109

Twelve Great Vows, being considerate to all details, only Buddha can do so.
Twelve Great Generals, safeguarding all too well, only Your Holiness can inspire.
Seven Stars of Big Dipper, pacifying calamity and prolonging life, only Your Holiness can display.
Seven Buddhas of Medicine Guru, expanding and unifying at will, only Buddha can master oneness.

Praise to Maitreya Buddha    P1450

Smiling face born of merciful heart
Outreaching to establish Dharma connections with all
And none will not be embraced and accommodated

Sustaining the Dharma out of compassion for suffering beings
Ready to render services as soon as needy occasions arise
No leisure for a stable and long sitting

All reduced to cognition is equal to all reduced to Blank Essence
Wisdom transcendence through analyzing phenomena into details
The Five Treatises remain classic texts for Buddhist studies

Salvation and conversion without limits and ending
Born into the inner court of Tusita Heaven and
Coming again to spread Dharma to the world

Supplication to Longevity Buddha P1178 

The world is in such turmoil and so many are still ignorant and deluded,
To practice Dharma, attain realization, and spread teachings are difficult.
Human existence is like a flame fluctuating at the mercy of blowing wind,
This physical body, day by day, is only becoming feebler and deteriorated.

May Longevity Buddha all Dharma practitioners well care for as offspring,
Let their lives be as solid and indestructible as the Wisdom Vajra of Tantra,
So they may attain full and perfect enlightenment and then help all the rest,
Long stay in this suffering world to serve as the guardian of sentient beings.

Praise to Amitabha Buddha P0007

Amitabha Buddha emits pure lights,
Spiritual nature of sentient beings in all directions are revealed!

Amitabha Buddha enunciates clear sounds,
Sorrows of sentient beings at all times are eradicated!

Amitabha Buddha always remembered,
Even trapped in the mire of sorrows one is still spotless!

Amitabha Buddha is the mentor,
Rebirth in Pureland and full enlightenment are at hand!

Supplication to Amitabha Buddha P0207

"A" signifies original purity; all things are void of self-nature.
Harmonizing in oneness, light and life are both boundless.
Compassionately inducing all beings to return to Pureland,
Sentient beings currently present are exactly Amitabhas.

Supplication to Red Guan Yin P1172

Supreme Ocean of Boundless Compassion, father of selfless mercy,
Vajra Yogini, mother of selfless bliss and transcendental enjoyment,
Salvation through your joyful union reaches beings in all directions.
Bless me with realization of rainbow body to succeed your salvation!

Praise to Red Chenrezig P0008

Extramundane Great Compassion Ocean in union
With Secret Wisdom Dakini,
Using four arms to expand salvation activities
In pacifying, enriching, inducing or eradicating;

Endowed with five Yidams in the five chakras
Constantly turning the wheel of the Dharma,
Wisdom and Compassion fused in limitless-oneness
To rescue all beings in countless inconceivable ways;

Shining forth luminous lights of five colors
To enlighten the whole Dharmadhatu,
Sentient beings are all under the warm blessing
Of merciful protection and guidance;

The inexhaustible fountain of the compassionate minds
Of all Buddhas in the past, present and future;
All beings in peril or despair would call out
To Great Chenrezig for help and refuge!

With transformations appearing all over the Dharmadhatu,
There is no limit in space for your manifestation;
Compassion stemming from oneness in Dharmakaya,
There is no limit in time for your salvation activities;
Unifying Original Purity and Joy in vajrayana initiations,
The ultimate Bodhicitta is planted and nourished;
Merging into the limitless non-dual state through
Displaying illumination born of original purity.
Oh, Extramundane Great Compassion Ocean
In union with Secret Wisdom Dakini,
Bless us, the sentient beings suffering in endless transmigration!

Supplication to Bodhisattva Guan Yin P1084

Practicing deep wisdom of Blank Essence, and thereby transcending all sufferings.
All things being originally pure, observing sounds to enter deep tranquility.
Wisdom and compassion in harmony, retracing sounds to save beings from dangers.
Applying thirty-two kinds of responses to resolve sentient beings' ignorant grasping.

Prostration in Praise of Thousand-arm Guan Yin P1185 

Amitabha Buddha atop to indicate non-duality,
Profound compassion caused head to split into many,
Supplications from thousand places all got responded,
We prostrate to the Thousand-arm Guan Yin!

Wrathful countenance looking down at evils in our minds,
The power of right view scatters away grasping to a self,
Mercy, compassion, joy and renunciation pacified all evils,
We prostrate to the Thousand-arm Guan Yin!

Nine faces at three levels to save beings in the Three Realms,
Three facets as embodiment of wisdom, compassion and power,
Thousand arms with thousand eyes to carry out boundless salvation,
We prostrate to the Thousand-arm Guan Yin!

Sufferings of beings in the Six Realms are incessant,
We are desperate for liberation through your graceful salvation,
Endless compassion has never forsaken any being for a second,
We prostrate to the Thousand-arm Guan Yin!

Supplication to the Trinity of Wisdom, Compassion and Might P0016

Wisdom of Manjusri sheds light on my mind;
Grant me original purity to see all things as they are.
Compassion of Avalokitesvara with tears moistens my mind;
Grant me innocence to become free from grumbling.
Might of Mahasthanaprapta shakes my mind;
Grant me awakening to become free from attachment.
The Trinity of Wisdom, Compassion and Might in harmony,
Grant me merits of Enlightenment to salvage sentient beings.

Praise to the Earth Treasure Bodhisattva P0006

Namo Earth Treasure Bodhisattva

With great vows of salvation as numerous as sands of the Ganges,
Devoted to the rescue of all beings suffering in transmigration,
Willing to attain Enlightenment only after all others have so attained,
Earth Treasure, the great Bodhisattva of compassionate vows!

His merits, benevolence and benefits, all so inconceivable;
Seeing, gazing, saluting, prostrating to his statue brings peace,
Hearing, reciting, chanting, remembering his name yields grace;
Earth Treasure, the great Bodhisattva of compassionate vows!

With expedient means numbered in billions of trillions,
Never thought of giving up the attempts to help sinful beings;
Everywhere in the Dharmadhatu appears some of his transformations;
Earth Treasure, the great Bodhisattva of compassionate vows!

Mighty power with awe-inspiring presence is his to command;
The solemn and arduous career to salvage suffering beings
With Buddha's approval and appointment is his to sustain;
Earth Treasure, the great Bodhisattva of compassionate vows!

Supplication to Bodhisattva Earth Treasure P1086

Capable of converting the difficult-to-convert ones, and rescuing beings at each recurrence of their fallings.
Entering mud without being polluted, hells transmit lights of original purity.
Having unified and harmonized the limitless oneness, thus through Your Holiness we abide in compassion.
Engaging in salvation activities through kalpas, laboring so much that you had forgotten about attaining Buddhahood.

Praise to Taras P1153

Taras, the salvation mothers, born of compassionate tears of Guan Yin,
Green Tara pacifies calamities; White Tara grants merits and longevity.
In total there are twenty-one Taras and one even appears to be wrathful.
From calamities of earth, water, fire or wind beings are saved by them.
Delivering offspring upon supplication, up to guarding enlightenment,
Each and every wish, worldly or transcendental, is mercifully fulfilled.
As in deep water and hot fire sentient beings' sufferings are incessant,
Relying on motherly compassion we constantly think of mother Taras.

Praise to Green Tara P1248

Compassionate tears of Guan Yin gathered the marrow of Mercy from all Buddhas
Dispelled devils by fearless laughter to guard Siddhartha's attainment of enlightenment
Rainbow appearance in Potala Cave rendered Guru Chen's personal realization
Universal salvation to all beings from all hindrances, indeed, the savior of us all

Supplication to Green Tara P1249

Marrow of Mercy from all Buddhas, compassionate tears of Guan Yin,
     Moisten and nourish to transform the stubborn and rigid beings
Dispelled devils through laughter, guard and help attainment of enlightenment,
     Dharma practitioners seek and rely on Your Holy Mother's grace
Sacred Potala Cave amid sky and sea, rainbow body surrounded by tidal sounds,
     When will this practitioner personally realize thus
Drifting from realm to realm in Samsara, floating up and down in waves of suffering
     Only Your Holiness is capable of universal salvation

Dedication for Green Tara Sadhana P1250

Mother Tara's green light compassionately protects all sentient beings
May we be absorbed into this holy light and thereby attain limitless oneness
With realization of the marrow of compassion transform and appear without bounds
Universally save all beings in ten directions to delight Your Compassionate mind

Praise to White Tara P1264

White light purifies stains, white light increases merits, and white light adds years to life.
Tara guards with compassion, Tara guides step by step, and Tara constantly saves all from calamities.
Wisdom eyes see through everything, wisdom eyes guide onto the right path, and wisdom eyes yield skillful means of salvation.
Guan Yin's tears of great compassion, moisturize minds of all suffering sentient beings, and enable them to attain boundless longevity.

Supplication to White Tara P1177

Situations in the world are daily becoming more dangerous, and peace and safety are shrinking daily, so sentient beings' lives are fragile and endangered; could it be that your merciful eyes have not noticed these?

Perverse views are in abundance everywhere, violence and turmoil are flowing out of bounds, engaging in Dharma practices had become almost like a luxurious talk; could it be that your compassionate mind has not felt pity for these?

Born of Guan Yin's compassionate tears, as marrow of the loving-kindness of all Buddhas, your salvation activities spread throughout the entire Dharmadhatu; Mother Tara, only you are our refuge and savior!

All realms in perpetual peace and harmony, sentient beings enjoy good health and happiness, and Dharma practitioners attain full enlightenment; Mother Tara, may you grant us your protection and salvation!

Praise to Kurukulla P1312

Great compassion, responding to sentient beings' capacities, exerts inducing
Thousands of ways and hundreds of plans employed in enticing and converting
Unless all sentient beings have comprehended and attained full enlightenment
Thorough and detailed guidance and encouragement will never cease to function
Supreme merits and wisdom of all Buddhas are hooked by you to spread to all beings
Deluded thoughts and biased inclinations of beings are shot down by your floral arrows
Your ropes of compassion wind around and around lest beings go astray or fall behind
Your joyful countenance attracts beings into practice and realization of lively application
Mother Buddha of great wisdom, displaying all kinds of ingenious and skillful means
Countless Dharma sons and daughters will all take refuge in you and the Triple Gems

Supplication to Kurukulla P1174

Skull crown of Five Wisdoms, human-head necklace to adorn your body,
Floral arrow on a full bow, nowhere in the Dharmadhatu cannot be reached.
Merciful face full of joy, Sunyata Pleasures relieve hindrances and hardships,
New animosity and old grudges, all evaporated outside the Three Realms.
Guan Yin engaging in inducing and conversion, applying tender approaches as need be,
Hooked stick and hooked rope, bring in beings from afar and attract beings nearby.
Surrounded by embrace so warm, and under gazes so tender,
Bliss of harmony simply thaws and melts, and all sentient beings take refuge in Thee!

Dedication of Merits for a Simple Sadhana of Kurukulla P1312

May Mother Buddha mercifully bestow her compassionate watch over us
So that all sentient beings would know to take refuge in the Triple Gems
Until we all attain full enlightenment, never to leave us for even a second
So that Dharma teachings will spread far and wide to save all sorts of beings

Praise to Gem Source Tara P1310

Golden body of pure genuineness
Dharma nature of boundlessness
Expanding offerings born of compassion

Gem vase of pure immaculateness
Profound and expansive merits
Increasing joy and wisdom out of pity for beings

Wondrous cereal of pure profoundness
Full of grains of enlightened attainments
All Bodhi aspirants share their flavors

Wondrous wisdom of pure simplicity
Universal salvation without contamination
Tara, thou are truly Source of Gems

Supplication to Gem Source Tara P1180 

Being attached to human affairs is like tainted with feces.
Even clean air blows through will pass on stinking smell.
Mind set on Dharma will keep mundane thoughts far off.
Only then could fragrance and light of purity be expected.

Supplication to Demon Destroy Tara P1181 

Wrathful countenance with three eyes shining wisdom lights to scare demons away,
Palms turning sharp Phurba blades to tear apart all grasping in minds of evil beings,
Ignorant and deluded beings with perverse views and violent activities in the world,
All rely on Mother's demon-destroying activities to attain peace and enlightenment.

Praise to Savior of Earth Calamities Tara P1304 

Sky swirled and earth shook, sprang up and caved in, mountains fell apart and rocks rolled down, sentient beings were in deep horror and panic
Buildings collapsed and people died, roads broken and foods gone, injuries severe and illness fatal, to whom could one call for help
Compassionate to all beings' sufferings, diminishing the public karma, blue lights extend salvation, Tara pacifies earthquakes
Precious Dorji wards off evils, and disperses devils of epidemics; merciful power as supporting pillars, reconstruction moves forward smooth and fruitfully

Supplication to Savior of Earth Calamities Tara P1305 

Occurred all of a sudden, no way to prevent or prepare, crushed houses and fell walls at a blink
Sentient beings fragile and endangered, either dead or wounded, protections all disappeared in an instant
Guiding deceased beings to rest and cultivate in Buddha's Pureland, sole refuge after the calamity is Tara
Stopping pains and healing wounds, calming minds and rebuilding community, resumption of security and happiness relies on your merciful kindness

Praise to Buddha Mother Zhu Ti P1369

With three eyes and eighteen arms
Sitting peacefully on a blooming lotus
Surrounded above by Pure Abode gods
Supported below by two Dragon Kings
Harmonized Wisdom and Compassion profound
Universal salvation of suffering beings expansive
Capable of giving birth to all Buddhas
All sentient beings adore and take refuge in thee

Supplication to Buddha Mother Zhun Ti P1369

Variegated are sentient beings' sufferings and calamities
Resolution requires expansive skillful means

Drastically diversified are sentient beings' propensities
Enlightenment depends on union of wisdom and compassion

Layers over layers are sentient beings' hindrances
Elimination requires vehement awesome powers

Step by step difficulties encountered on the practice path
Sustained guidance depends on deep-rooted mercy

Great Buddha Mother, capable of giving birth to Buddhas
Only Your Holiness fully possesses unsurpassable virtues

At this juncture of decayed Dharma, beings are confused
Please bestow Your Grace to enlighten each and every one

Dedication of Merits for Zhun Ti Sadhana Practice P1369

The Sadhana was practiced based on great Bodhi aspirations
Relying on Buddha Mother's power supreme merits accumulated
In accordance with Buddha Mother's compassion, all merits shared with all
Dharmadhatu becomes tranquil and wisdom lights prevail

Supplication to Palden Lhamo    P1463

World in confusion and beings deluded
Right teachings are difficult to spread

Desires unleashed and activities arbitrary
Ecology is on the verge of extinction

Rescuing beings from suffering and offering satisfaction
Buddha's offspring often lack of such capacity

Universal salvation extending to all sentient beings
Dependent on holy mother's constant blessing

World in peace and tranquility
All beings celebrate such auspiciousness

Enlightenment path shining forth glories
Through Lhamo's gracious enlightening

Supplication to the Great White Umbrella Mother-Buddha P1166

Heads, eyes, hands and feet are all countless.
Endless skillful means are possessed by you.
The Great white umbrella shelters all beings.
Perfect protection constantly bestows on us!

Supplication to King Gesar P1145

With illustrious record of brave deeds King Gesar awesome is.
With one flap of his protective flag all devils step back in fear.
Entering Dharma hall to preside and dispatch his mighty force,
Grand projects carried forth to help Dharma activities prosper.

Supplication to Damchen Dorje Lekpa P1370

Capable of sustaining Guru Rinpoche's boundless salvation activities
Compassionate protection continues to benefit all lineage followers
Tantric practices often encounter all sorts of dangers and hindrances
Only relying on Your mighty powers can the path be smooth and even

Supplication to Hayagriva   P1462

Great compassion of Guan Yin appeared in wrathful form
Only due to intense sympathy for hard-to-tame evil doers
Neighs from horse-head pierce nets of illusion into pieces
Vajra, hook, sword and stick conquer evil and devious ways
Pollutions heavy and pure stream few in this decayed period
We rely on your great might to protect the enlightening Bodhi
Help us to attain realizations fully and to propagate the Dharma
With lineage lasting and spreading all beings will be enlightened

Praise to Six-arm Mahakala P1234

Suffering of beings in the six realms
Compassion of Buddhas in the six directions
Are all loaded upon your capable six arms

Great compassion of Guan Yin
Great mercy of universal salvation
Great power capable of their realization

Solid virtue unmovable
More obvious in the face of obstacles
Like black covering all remaining colors

Arrived without being supplicated
Dharma is your only concern
Real refuge of Buddha's offspring you are

Praise in Salutation to Wrathful Protectors P1372

Out of compassion for sentient beings, protecting the right Dharma
Eager to safeguard and protect, real feelings revealed

Hating not to exterminate all demons at one stroke
In spite of wrathful appearance that would scare people off

Angry eyes wide open, hairs shooting up
Bloody mouth with sharp fangs, swallowing all devils

If one sees appearances as not the real situation
Only then will one comprehend that angry face was born of caring heart

Supplication to Vaisravana Heavenly King P1371

Right Dharma seldom encountered, Tantric teachings difficult to receive,
     Deluded beings are deep in the whirlpool of suffering

Calamities besieging daily, practice path jammed again and again,
     Enlightened practitioners often suffer in hardships

Learned in Dharma and well-known for generosity, vehemently protecting the Right Path
     Boundless treasure of merits, powers and wisdom

Have mercy for Dharma sons with pure Bodhi aspirations, guard and guide us,
     Salvation activities will prosper and last without ending

Dedication of Merits for Vaisravana Heavenly King Sadhana Practice E0142

In spite of your own life and body to safeguard Buddha,
Set example of loyalty for the sake of Dharma.
Prostration to the Heavenly King, Great Bodhisattva,
Bless practitioners so that all would follow such epitome!
Accomplishing boundless virtuous merits such as yours,
Vehemently spread Dharma treasures throughout ten directions.
Guard and help sentient beings ascend the enlightenment ladder,
Leave suffering, attain happiness and realize emancipation.

Supplication to the Dragon King P1102

Dragon King and Dragon Queen sustained compassion profound.
Spreading and propagating the Dharma, they took care of chores.
Without overlooking matters major or minor, they guarded well.
Their grace spread the world over, and their virtuous favors last!

Praise to Solid Stable Goddess of Earth P1179

Upholding all things and allowing their stepping and trampling,
Receiving excretion and discharge without rejection or refusal,
Treasures and harvests are all offered and arbitrarily taken away,
Graceful merits of the Goddess of Earth simply are immeasurable.

Supplication to Solid Stable Goddess of Earth P1179

Greed and evil of beings in the six realms damaged profits of the Earth.
Thus brought forth karmic catastrophes of earth quakes, fire and water.
Propagating Dharma ways to establish a Pureland for all to live in peace,
May Mother Solid Stable protect and sustain us, so all will live at ease.

Praise to Cemetery Protectors P1168

Difficult and expansive salvation upheld by a pair of skeletons.
Their own bodies emptied so as to receive bodies of all beings.
Allowing thousands of holes and pits to be dug up or covered,
So as to merge all bodies into oneness to rest in eternal peace.

Supplication to Protector Guan Gong P1148

Long set the epitome of righteous loyalty for generations,
Chinese all over the world pay respect and tribute to you!
Bodhisattva Qie Lan attends well to all calls of his duties,
Propagation and continuation of Dharma depends on you!

The Honorable Protector Yi De P1032

Repeating mantra and emitting lights to bless all beings,
Amid an altar hall that harmonized Sutras and Tantras,
Protector Yi De appeared with awesome posture,
Snake-spearhead lance thrusts through all hindrances!

The Honorable Protector Xuan De P1382

Humble to capable ones and practiced merciful ways
People's minds were drawn toward your leadership

Rather remained in dangerous and difficult situations
Than to renounce your faithful followers and subjects

Sworn to remain faithful brothers in the peach garden
And helped sustain the Han Dynasty through perils

For the sake of all beings brothers of one mind sworn
To guard and support our pure and genuine Dharma lineage

Praise to Door Gods P0814

With name marked in history, how many are there?
Continue to give blessing incessantly, even scantier.
Conspicuous merits accumulated in protecting King;
As tides turn democratic, safeguard ordinary people.

Praise to District Earth Gods P1267

Righteous Gods of merits and virtues
Guardians of our neighborhood

With merciful features and kind attention
Daily listening to people's requests

Trifles of human affairs seeking help
No end in sight of their pouring in

With intention to accumulate merits toward Enlightenment
You busy yourselves with such matters


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