Book-requests Service

寄件者:Yutang Lin
收件者:Dharma Friends
日期: 2014年12月16日 上午11:18
主旨: Book-requests Service

Since Guru Chen started to print booklets in English for readers all over the world in the 1950's, our book-requests service continues for about 60 years now.

Upon requests we send out freely booklets, holy images, mantra sheets, Dharma cards, etc without charging for mailing and service.
Now the number of book-requests we have received reached 18,929 on Dec. 8.
Near end of Nov. 2010, the number of BR reached 10,010. Hence, in recent years we saw a steady growth of number of BR's.

Recently number of copies of the booklets we printed in the past are near empty, so disciple Tong Tou started to choose poems written by me to format into booklets for print.

During this process we found the need to also reprint a short essay by me, On Chanting "Amitabha," with "Chanting Practice for Christians" added as appendix.

Disciple Ji Hu helped proofread the 4 booklets and offered suggestions to formatting.

I reviewed and revised all materials chosen in this new printing.

Today all 4 booklets are ready for print, and their pdf files are attached for you.

We will print 3,000 copies each for now.

Soon they will be available for our book-requests readers.
The BR-form is posted at our websites:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

May all beings attain enlightenment soon!


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