Acquisition of the Cundhi Statue

Yutang Lin

Guru Chen left me a small wooden statue of Cundhi Mother Buddha; it is said to be left at his place by a Buddhist that he was not well-acquainted, and that person had since lost contact. This statue has several broken hands.

A while ago disciple Bi He left a statue of Cundhi that seems to be a molded figure at my place because she did not have a proper place to honor the holy statue. Later when her altar room was soon to be set up, I set this statue on the small altar table in my retreat room in anticipation of returning it to Bi He. As the statue sat alone on the altar, the look was magnificent; and hence I started to have the idea of acquiring one of about the same size for my own worship.

A Dharma friend in Singapore, Upasika Molly, received instruction from Cundhi Mother Buddha a few years ago; she was told: "Dr. Lin can help solve many kinds of problems, so you contact him for guidance." She had since contacted me through emails, and this year she went with some Dharma friends to Melaka, Malaysia to meet me. Therefore, the compassionate help as granted by Cundhi Mother Buddha also enhanced my intention to have a statue for making offerings and worship to.

Then I asked disciple Xiao Yan in Beijing, China and disciple Tong Tou in Taiwan to help me search for a suitable one.  A Dharma friend, Upasaka Chou, in Taipei, Taiwan also helped search for it and contributed toward partial costs. Eventually I decided on a Tibetan style gilded bronze statue made in Nepal. It was kind of strange that, in the past no statue of Cundhi could be found in the Tibetan Dharma shops in Beijing, but this time right after I said that we would look for one, such statues showed up there. During our searches we also made on-line searches to make sure that the Dharma instruments as held by the hands on the statue are correct.

Now this statue is installed on the small altar table in my retreat room; and the beautiful countenance of this Mother Buddha brought me joy by surprise.

I carefully recorded the causal conditions that yielded this installation and worship. And this report, together with a photo of the statue, will be posted at our websites so all may share the compassionate blessings of this Mother Buddha.

By the way, one of the Sanskrit names of this Mother Buddha is Cundi. While I was doing on-line searches to obtain information on this Mother Buddha, I came across one source in Chinese that says: cundi means "becoming smaller," and cundhi means "purity," and hence the proper Sanskrit name for this Mother Buddha should be Cundhi. Nevertheless, right now in common uses are either spelling.

September 23, 2011
El Cerrito, California

Three Holinesses of the Western Pureland

Cundhi Mother Buddha


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