Grace of Dragon Ball

Yutang Lin

Inflammation of intestines brought high fever and incessant pain.
Through grace of dragon a dragon ball entered the body to heal.
One crystal ball each offered to three dragons beneath Guan Yin.
Causal consequence matched the offering; they arrived in a dream.


Upasaka Min, a disciple of mine, recently came down with enteritis, and suffered high fever for days. Taking antiphlogistic pills could only slightly lower his body temperature while the infected area was constantly in pain. After I had prayed for his recovery, in a dream he entered a house with several stories and saw three dragons there, each with a dragon ball in front. The dragon ball of the middle one rolled into his mouth and permeated his whole body. Through this blessing his pain soon reduced to half, and then in two days he rapidly recovered to near normal health.

I taught him that dragon ball is where the essence of a dragon is concentrated in, and therefore it could yield such miraculous effects. To be healed through the blessing of dragon ball is most favorable indeed, and hence one should never forget such grace. Further, I also pointed out for him that, in the past he followed my instruction and offered one crystal ball each into the open mouths of three dragons, to represent their dragon balls, that formed support for the stand of a Guan Yin statue on my altar, and therefore now he received the causal reward that matched his offerings. Thus we see that sincere offerings would not be a waste of efforts.

This inspirational event is rather precious, so I put it down in writing to record the virtues of dragons and to mark the grace of dragons, and hope that through the spreading of this report more sentient beings would appreciate better the value of Buddhist teachings.

Written in Chinese on March 10, 2005
Translated on March 11, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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