Showing the Symptoms

Yutang Lin

Let full symptoms develop and poison be exhausted for easier cure.
On the practice path, for similar reasons, there are ups and downs.
Purification of body and mind is a matter of long-term endeavors.
Sustaining continuous efforts without quitting will yield safe passage.


In the course of curing a disease sometimes the treatment aims at letting the symptoms develop fully so that the poison will be exhausted and then the cure will become easier to attain. For similar reasons, on the practice path now and then there are periods of indolence or recess. This is because engaging in Dharma practices means entering a course of physical as well as spiritual purification. When one reaches certain stages in this course certain hidden karmic roots of impurity become exposed and lead to full development of symptoms of ill-being. As long as we don't forget Bodhi intentions and resume right Dharma practices after some break and rest, then we will gradually be able to overcome such windings safely and continue to make progress on the road to Enlightenment.

Written in Chinese and translated on August 10, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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