Ven. Guan Embarked

Yutang Lin

Refined bronze statue had firstly offered to Guru
Impressed Ven. Guan to display embarking moves
Dharma trip to Asia is currently being prepared
Protector leading the way had already embarked

Ven. Guan Gong

Ven. Guan Gong


A while back disciple Xin Ping obtained a refined bronze statue of Protector Guan Gong, and then she immediately offered it on my altar. Today is the 29th on the lunar calendar and the date to make offerings to Dharma Protectors. Early in the morning she saw in a dream this statue appeared as several times larger than the original size, holding his large knife in his right hand, raised first his left foot, then his right foot, and thus walked forward several steps on my altar. She woke up with great delight for such a sight, and phoned to let me know about it.

I figured that this is because Bodhisattva Guan Gong knows that Xin Ping is dedicated to Guru, so he let her know that he will also go along on my coming Dharma trip to Asia to guide and guard so as to make sure that all will go well, thus we can all feel at ease. With gratitude to Ven. Guan for his blessing protection I wrote this poem so all would know and thus enhance their faith with respect.

Written in Chinese on April 24, 2009
Translated on April 25, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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