Gradually yet Continuously


Yutang Lin



Huge and difficult Dharma activities on hand are often so many;
Time available and personal energy are both scarce and so little.
Gradually advance in right order and sustain it with perseverance;
Small bites like silkworms' eventually will consume the whole ox.


Dharma practices are often required to be completed through accumulation up to certain numbers. At first glance such requirements may cause the beginners to hesitate to advance. Dharma services are also frequently, either tedious and incessant or difficult and huge to incomparable degrees, while personal time and energy are all so limited. So, if one simply imagines the undertaking, then it is hardly avoidable that one would lack the perseverance to carry such loads onto oneself for long.

Over thirty years I have engaged in Dharma practices, written many articles to propagate Dharma, and provided all sorts of Dharma services to the public; in accumulation the results could be considered as not few. Upon careful reflection, I have found out that such results are possible is only due to daily efforts in doing bits and pieces of work in proper orders. It is only right to say that, with tiny personal ability and little daily hours that are available for working, the truly dependable method is the way of "Gradual Advance through Silkworm Bites." And such solid endeavors could lead to fruitful results only through the perseverance of the Dharma practitioner.

May this short article remind all those who are sincere in practicing Dharma and engaging in Dharma services of the truth that to achieve fruitful results they need to follow this concrete and reliable approach! May all attain enlightenment sooner and propagate Dharma to more sentient beings for longer duration because they have comprehended and followed this approach!

Written in Chinese and translated on September 22, 2011
El Cerrito, California