A Brief Introduction of Buddhist Yogi Yutang Lin

Dr. Yutang Lin is a Chinese American born in Taiwan. He received his Ph. D. in Logic and the Methodology of Science from University of California, Berkeley in 1983. He began to serve and follow Guru Chen in 1980 and remained a faithful attendant until Guru Chen's Nirvana in 1987. After he received his degree from UC a heavenly voice advised him to stay in USA so as to propagate the Dharma more widely in the long run. Continuing Guru Chen's Dharma activities he dedicated his body and mind solely to the practice, service and propagation of Dharma. Following the footsteps of Guru Chen he conducts fire pujas, offering of vases to the Dragon King, Powa service in cemeteries, releasing of lives, and gives Dharma talks upon invitation at various places in USA, Malaysia, and Taiwan. He had printed many Dharma works in Chinese and English that were written by Guru Chen or himself for free distribution. He also printed many holy images and mantra sheets for free distribution. He provides free Powa service to all requests. His works use simple language to clarify the essences of Dharma teachings, and emphasize solid practices.

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A Prayer for Yogi Chen's Blessings Disciple Yutang Lin

Prostration to all refuges of the great grace lineage
As unified in Guru Chen, a personification of Manjusri.
Pray the faithful ones be blessed with wishes fulfilled;
May they from suffering depart and happiness gain,
Forever merits accumulate and wisdom grow.

Written in Chinese: September 19, 1994
Translated: August 8, 1999 Chinese Father's Day
El Cerrito, California

Supplication to Guru Yutang Lin

Arising from original purity of Dharmadhatu, Vajradhara
Limitless wisdom and compassion, activities of Padmapani
Oneness in harmony emanates an Upasaka’s form.
Please reveal my original face, to you I pray!

Written in Chinese and translated by the disciple named Stanley Lam
On July 21, 2004
Day of the First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma
by Buddha Shakyamuni according to Tibetan calendar

Longevity prayer for Guru Yutang Lin 

Oh, originally pure yogi you are!
Wonderful conversion through Ewam as the Lotus-born Guru;
The great joy in Sunyata is peerless,
May the Holy Guru live long and abide in this world!

Written in Chinese in 2003
and translated into English on April 6, 2005
Accommodating Residence, Taipei

Gathering Nectars without Rest Yutang Lin

Poems and gathas revealing reflections are in hundreds already;
Nectars of Dharma are offered to cultivate wisdom lives of all.
Guide poles are planted along the path to provide references.
Diligently recording without rest to repay appreciators.


Reflections and experiences of my life as a practitioner have been transcribed into poems and gathas that are amended with brief comments to illuminate their contents. So far there are over two hundred such articles. At times it would seem enough has been written down for others so that I might as well stop writing. Then I could be completely free from reflections to merge into the great ease of limitless oneness. However, as I glanced over my works I realized that such nectars of Dharma, if not gathered as they came about, could hardly be captured again. In order to offer references to the public who are interested in Buddhist studies and practices there is indeed the need for me to continue writing them down. Not to mention the fact that they are well received by many and attracting many appreciators. Such sympathetic responses inspire me to advance further in this endeavor to the point of forgetting to rest for a while.

Written in Chinese on August 11, 2000
Translated on August 12, 2000
El Cerrito, California

Spreading Blessings through Transportation Yutang Lin

Personally experienced blessings of light and force,
Dedicating body and mind so as to spread it to all.
Whatever appreciation gained is noted down for the public.
Offerings become resources for Dharma activities.


Since I began to read Buddhist books and practice chanting "Amitabha" 25 years ago, the blessing of Guru and Buddha has never ceased. Many times have I experienced blessings in the form of light and force, thus I understand that Buddha Dharma is not vain words. With sincere wish for all sentient beings to receive such deep blessings I am dedicating my life to the practice and propagation of the Dharma. Whatever appreciation and understanding of the teachings I have gained is put down in writing for the public to share. Voluntarily engaging in many kinds of Dharma services so that all offerings received are presented to Buddhas and sentient beings. Fire pujas and vase offerings are for the holy beings; releasing lives, Powa service, free distribution of Buddhist books and images are for sentient beings. The transportation of offerings to them is based on Bodhicitta. The blessings are spread in these ways lest I be unworthy of the teaching of Yogi Chen that one should "repay the kindness of sentient beings to Buddhas, and repay the kindness of Buddhas to sentient beings."

Written in Chinese on May 10, 2000
At the time when it was already Buddha's birthday in Asia
Translated on May 12, 2000
El Cerrito, California

Associating with Deep Intentions Yutang Lin

Perfumed with purity is rare occasion indeed,
Like floating duckweed sprinkled with nectar.
Karmic past and consequences no need to see;
May Dharma connection last to nurture peace!


Following the Bodhi path as walked by Guru Chen I have been in Dharma association with many sentient beings through lectures, publications, Powa services, releasing lives, fire pujas and Dragon vase offerings for nearly two decades. It is indeed a rare occasion for sentient beings to open up and receive the teachings, and to engage in the Dharma activities. It goes beyond our comprehension as to what past karmas and what karmic consequences are for the sentient beings that we come across. Nevertheless, our Dharma activities are conducted with the deep wish that, once the Dharma connection is established, the sentient beings we have served will never deviate from the right path and will gradually proceed further on the Dharma path until they reach ultimate liberation. Thus we are carrying out the teaching of Padmasambhava that whoever comes into contact will be benefited accordingly.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 8, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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