A Brief Introduction of Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen

Guru C. M. Chen (1906-1987) studied under thirty-seven Gurus, and stayed in Xi Kang and Tibet for five years to pursuit Dharma teachings. He was in solitary retreat in India for twenty-five years. He also retreated alone in caves and cemeteries for years and months. In 1972 he moved to USA to spread Dharma. He used to conduct fire pujas, offering of vases to the Dragon King, Powa service to help deceased beings to attain rebirth in Purelands, releasing of lives, Dharma talks, and wrote and printed numerous works in Chinese and English for free distribution, and also printed many Buddha images for free distribution.

"The Complete Works of Guru C. M. Chen" comprises of over one hundred works in English and Chinese of Guru Chen, and its contents range over teachings and practices of Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana that were knitted together by his experiences born of lifelong practices and attainments. His teachings provide clear guidance on correct Dharma paths and stages of attainment toward enlightenment. All his works (so far had been edited into forty-eight volumes) will gradually be posted at his official website and this website for interested Buddhists to learn from.

Some people asked Dr. Lin, "Please tell us to which one among the Tantric Buddhist schools did Guru C. M. Chen belong?" Dr. Lin replied, "One could say that he had established a school of his own, and he called it 'Adi Buddha Mandala.' My Guru learned teachings from seven Tantric schools, and followed thirty-seven Gurus. He pointed out many misunderstandings in some old Dharma texts. Those texts were transmitted through many hands, and sometimes some teachers with insufficient attainments had expounded Buddhas' and Bodhisattvas' teachings on the ultimate fruit stage as merely teachings on basic meditations. In his works he clarified many confusing sayings."

Most of Yogi Chen's works are in Chinese, hence his Homepage consists mainly of information in Chinese. And most of Guru Chen's works in Chinese and English had been posted at his official website, www.yogichen.org. At this website we post only some of his works for all to share. To facilitate visitors who are not familiar with Chinese, this English version is provided, within which only works in English are mentioned.

For a brief but in depth autobiography of Yogi Chen, please read the Introduction to his work Buddhist Meditation.

List of Works by the Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen

§ Forever in Our Hearts
"Forever in Our Hearts" is a memorial written by his lineage successor Dr. Yutang Lin shortly after Guru Chen's Nirvana. It is a work worthy of our careful reading to comprehend a sage's lifestyle.
Table of Contents for the Complete Works of Yogi Chen in English
How to Develop the Bodhicitta
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 1-100 (1) Introduction Nos. 1-6, 7-19
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 1-100 (2) Nos. 20-34
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 1-100 (3) Nos. 35-42, 43-47
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 1-100 (4) Nos. 48-55, 56-62
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 1-100 (5) Nos. 63-74
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 1-100 (6) Nos. 75-87
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 1-100 (7) Nos. 88-92, 93-98, 99-100
Discriminations between Buddhist and Hindu Tantras
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 101-149 (1) Nos. 101-107
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 101-149 (2) Nos. 108-114
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 101-149 (3) Nos. 115-125
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 101-149 (4) Nos. 126-133
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 101-149 (5) Nos. 134-140
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 101-149 (6) Nos. 141-146
A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 101-149 (7) Nos. 147-149

The introductory statements for the two short stanzas below are taken from "Forever in Our Hearts."

Following the style of Guru Chen's short stanzas for morning practice sessions I composed "Supplication to Root-Guru Chen," and the Chinese original was revised by Guru Chen, and hence recitation of this stanza would readily inspire blessing from Guru Chen. Now in memorial of Guru's grace I publicize this stanza so that faithful ones may adopt it in their practices. Practitioners may repeat it seven or twenty-one times during morning practice sessions.

Supplication to Root-Guru Chen

By the Lineage Successor Yutang Lin

Originally pure Manjusri, grant me advice sound;
Tara, born from Guan Yin's tears profound.
Wherein can your infinite compassion be found?
Written teachings sent the whole world around!

Written in Chinese in 1981
Translated in December 1987
El Cerrito, California

Supplication to Guru Chen for His Speedy Return

By the Lineage Successor Dr. Yutang Lin

"Depart early, return soon!" you did pledge!
Only the old horse could lead us across the bridge.
Buddha, Bodhicitta and all sentient beings converge,
How could Dharma activities ever be abridged?!


First we appeal to his kind pledge of returning soon. Guru Chen's sign was Horse, and there is a Chinese saying that "Old horse knows the way," meaning that only experienced ones are reliable guides. Hence we make use of it in asking him to come and lead us across the bridge from transmigrations to Enlightenment. Compassion of the Same Entity is where Buddha, Bodhicitta and all sentient beings converge; hence we are appealing to his Great Compassion. Besides, this is the main theme of the article that he fondly considered to be his best, therefore it would have a special appeal to him. Finally we are urging him to come back soon by appealing to his sense of duty to the spreading of Dharma activities. Being a lifelong Dharma instrument, upon hearing this, he would automatically resume the holy activities at the first available opportunity. Although this is only a short prayer, yet each line in it appeals directly to the core of his compassion; how could he stay in the Pureland of Eternal Light for long without coming down to guide us?

The Chinese original was completed on 12/01/87.
The first draft of this English translation was completed on 12/18/87; and then the revision, adopting advices from Dr. Juan Bulnes and Miss Kathleen Gorman, is completed on 12/27/87.
My sincere thanks to them!

Praise to the Dharma Life of Guru Chen

By the Lineage Successor Dr. Yutang Lin

In You County of Hunan, A reincarnation of Manjusri born;
In his youth, as a poet, already quite well-known;
Married to a lady, a reincarnation of Avalokitesvara;
Together they recited Sutras, and ghosts gathered to listen.

Stepping from Sutras into Tantras, he completed the foundations;
At middle-age, both of them attained opening of the top aperture.
Meditated in caves, Flower Offering and Sky Dragon, for years;
Retreated on a boat floating down a river and gained realization.

Alone on the path, traveling for thousands of miles,
To seek out the Tantric secrets he went to Tibet and Xi Kang.
Favored by thirty-seven Gurus with essence of teachings,
And received great initiations of five hundred deities and more.

The highest teachings of seven schools were fully transmitted,
Written down in Chinese to spread the waves of Grace Ocean.
Retreated in a hermitage by himself for twenty-five years;
From Kalimpong in India, he looked up to Mount Everest.

Year after year of meditation in solitude worn out seven mats;
The trinity of Great Pleasure Vajra's kayas was realized.
With appreciation, he erected the Lighthouse in the Ocean of Chan;
Commenting on Karma and Maha Mudras, he propagated the blessings.

The central channel distinguished from Taoist and spinal cord;
Hinduism, Taoism, Christian and Confucian carefully sorted.
Buddhist Meditation maps the fields and the routes to Enlightenment;
Dharma Treasures of Pure Light were poured out for revelation.

Over one hundred works in English bestowed on six continents;
The Flute resounded lingering tunes to awaken the worldly.
Under Sakyamuni's command and beseeched by the Dragon King,
Flew to America to propagate the great wondrous Dharma.

Over three hundred thousand turtles, pigeons and other beings set free;
Millions of beings all over the world salvaged through Powa.
Two hundred fire pujas performed, yielding wondrous inspirations
To relieve sentient beings from all kinds of suffering.

Into the Dragon palace hundred and fifty vases were offered;
Repeating the long rides for years discounted his own ease.
Five Sutras of Pureland were unified through lectures overseas;
Rainy or windy, awoke early daily by alarm clock to feed pigeons.

Bending elbows to write about varieties in the Dharmadhatu,
Or to embrace and enjoy the oneness of Sunyata and Joy.
Poems written in calligraphy danced on sheets like dragons;
Lifelike images of Buddhas freely distributed for worshipping.

Five Wheel Pagoda erected and shone forth rainbow lights;
Bell for pacifying hell beings made and rung to reduce their suffering.
Great Bodhicitta to ensure eternal peace on Earth and in all beings
Led to the wish to build Adi Buddha Mandala for practices in retreat.

Lotus-shape auspicious land fortunately secured in hand;
Constructions for the Mandala were about to begin.
Sins and suffering of sentient beings were undertaken by the teacher
Who exhibited signs of illness and impermanence.

Upon departure heavenly music of Five-variation Chanting heard;
After cremation rainbow-colored sariras were found in abundance.
Holy pagoda stands on Formosa to bless it with peace and prosperity;
Compassionate lights of Dharmadhatu shines equally upon everyone!

Written in Chinese: May 21, 1988
Translated: August 4, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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